January 8, 2019

About the Museum Mile Festival

New York City is filled to the brim with art in many mediums. There’s a dense history of visual art and architecture. No matter where you turn, there is innovation and creation.
It’s a world of people who have been doing amazing things for many years, and you can experience as much of it as possible along Museum Mile when you live in one of the Upper East Side condos at 40 East End.
In particular, one annual event each June is a must-see for any who are lucky enough to be in the area. Join in the thrilling journey of the Museum Mile Festival.

What is the Museum Mile Festival?

The Museum Mile is actually an official term. New York City has designated the area of iconic Fifth Avenue, from 82nd to 105th St. with the spectacular name due to the overwhelming number of highly-trafficked museums.
There are multiple museums on almost every block of this section of Fifth Avenue. Visitors naturally go from one to the other, which helped lead into the Museum Mile Festival.
On a special day, usually in June, visitors can flock to all participating museums on Museum Mile for free for a short period of time.
One after the other, all museums entrances are free to any visitor who wants to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Museum Mile. Whether you are visiting from afar or staying at one of the nearby luxury New York City condominiums, a visit is always worthwhile.

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When Did it Begin and Why?

During the financial crisis of the 1970’s, New York city museum curators sought to draw traffic to the region and to promote the arts. They collectively agreed to open the doors to everyone, bringing down the curtain of museum culture.
It drew an astounding audience, from Harlem to the Village, the outer-boroughs to the whole of the northeast U.S. The Museum Mile Festival became a major event for Upper East Side.
Although with its regular fans, the event draws many to Upper East Side for the very first time. Even with no previous knowledge of NYC art, visitors leave with a rich understanding of it and the city’s culture.

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Which Museums are Participating?

Visit any of the many participating NYC museums right from nearby Upper East Side condos. Roughly 6-9 different museums participate annually, all within a few blocks of each other. Museums which often participate include the Jewish Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim, and the Museum of the City of New York.
Perhaps the biggest inclusion to the Museum Mile Festival is the grand Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s over two million works of art across 17 different departments and a multitude of mediums.
It’s a vast collection, and one that can provide a truly life-changing perspective on New York City art. This stop alone could be worth the trip to Upper East Side, but it’s the other participating museums that take it well over the edge.
Now, not far from our Upper East Side condos at 40 East End, you can experience the artistic range of New York City all in one pivotal strip of Fifth Avenue.

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