October 22, 2018

The Guggenheim and Luxury New York

Our luxury New York City condominiums at 40 East End are synonymous with the art scene in Manhattan. Located on the borough’s Upper East Side, where era-spanning fine art reigns supreme, our residences neighbor some of the most renowned museums in the world.

One of these is The Guggenheim, famous for its Manet, Gaugin, Kandinsky, and many works of abstract art. The Guggenheim began as a private collection and turned into a public museum in the mid-1990s. It was originally known as The Museum of Non-Objective Art, an ode to its founder’s love for the shapes, colors, and forms that come together on the canvas, creating abstract paintings.

Today, the institution is an essential part of the New York lifestyle, attracting art lovers from Upper East Side condominiums, downtown high-rises, and the surrounding boroughs.

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Just a stone’s throw from our luxury Manhattan condos, the Guggenheim is the perfect weekend treat. Here’s what to see and do and even eat at the Guggenheim:


The Guggenheim’s permanent collection is home to a large selection of modernist masterpieces.

This collection is the centerpiece of Upper East Side art, with influences from 20th century Europe and Russia. Many of the works in this collection were selected by Solomon R. Guggenheim himself, the museum’s founder and namesake. The founding collection includes about 600 works that were gifted to the museum by the owner.

Other exhibits include the works of the entire collection of a New York art dealer, a display of post-war abstract art, and the Bohen Foundation Gift, which features about 275 film, photo, and other new media works.

The Guggenheim also has rotating exhibits that are definitely worth checking out

luxury New York City condominiums

Keeping up with the Joneses, the Guggenheim now has its very own app. From here, you can plug into self-guided audio tours and other regular programming.


While the art might be the meat of the Guggenheim, there are plenty of side attractions to go with it. This institution evades its role as museum, and into its role as education center, cinema, theater.

Go to a concert, see a live orchestra, and or view a film screening – all at the Guggenheim, less than 10 blocks from our Upper East Side condominium. On the weekend, The Guggenheim offers Saturday sketch classes for both adults and children.


The Guggenheim’s restaurants are so good, you’ll want to visit this museum just for the food.

Café 3 serves light lunches and snacks just big enough to tide you over until dinner. Grab a cappuccino and a pastry, or enjoy one of the many fresh sandwiches and salads they offer. If you’re keen to sit down, dine at The Wright, a weekend-only all-American brunch spot that will satisfy your craving for breakfast – just a little later in the day.

Our luxury New York City condominiums at 40 East End are perfect for both seasoned museum-goers and those new to the arts. Art and culture are one of the main draws to Upper East Side condominiums, where you can be at eye-level with some of the world’ finest paintings in no time flat.

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