January 8, 2019

Top Three Upper East Side French Restaurants

The Upper East Side has faced a grand reinvention in the past few years. The transition has been nothing short of exhilarating. New, bold innovators in cuisine and appealingly cozy cafes have sprouted up.
There’s also a sense of welcoming elegance. Few can do this better than the French.
In this bustling mini-world of possibilities, some of the best French chefs have crafted their own concoctions for your fine dining pleasure. Our luxury New York condos sit near a wide selection of top-tier French restaurants. We have hand-selected just three to get you started.

Cafe D’Alsace

Cafe D’Alsace wears that romantic French energy on its sleeve and specializes in exclusive Alsatian cuisine. Wander from nearby Luxury Manhattan condominiums 40 East End and indulge in the classy décor, fine desserts or enticing brunch selections.
This corner jewel is a testament to the real French influence in Upper East Side. The pewter glows under the dim and warm lighting while antique seltzer bottles line the upper perimeter of the dining room.
A weekend brunch, lunch and dinner menu are available with enticing selections such breakfast sweets (crepes, waffles, pastries), fresh salads, a variety of omelette and egg dishes, grilled locally sourced seafood, Choucrote Garnie (assorted sausages), Duck Duo A L’Orange (roasted duck breast, duck confit, fingerling potatoes, seasonal vegetables).
These are just a few selections from the vast menu. Select a cocktail to match the nearest brightly-colored tile. The room glows with an intoxicating energy, and visitors can’t get enough. Reservations are recommended.

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Appreciate classic New York living on the front patio of the Pitchounette81, just a short distance from luxury Manhattan condominiums. Indulge in a fine French experience with an $8 glass of wine for Happy Hour or order excitedly off the full cocktail bar.
The menu is locally-sourced. You can find plenty of selections that embrace the wonders of authentic French cuisine as well as the astonishing range of influences pulled from NYC.
Begin your meal with a delectable upside-down cheese soufflé with tomato basil coulis or embrace fine dining with the Escargots De Bourgogne in herb garlic butter.
The restaurant also has some dazzling organic selections. The organic salmon with basmati rice and aioli is a welcoming addition, while the organic lamb tagine with zucchini za’ater spice is delicately coated Moroccan couscous.
Professionals from the Luxury Manhattan condominiums flock to this upscale and exceptional French eatery.

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Jean Claude 2

Jean Claude 2 is an extension of the long-standing original in Soho. Now, residents of Upper East Side condos are fortunate enough to have one of the most dazzling yet accessible French dining experiences in the city.
You don’t need to head far from your luxury New York condos at 40 East End to visit the Jean Claude 2. Expect a warm and welcoming presence, trading off stuffy upscale dining with a more enthralling and accommodating atmosphere.
Consider this your low-key French dining experience, all with an ambitious wine selection, tuna sandwiches, soups and salads, and seared Atlantic salmon. Get a taste of the grilled Portobello mushrooms and zucchini goat cheese sandwich or taste the nuance of the roasted organic chicken with herb vegetable risotto and wild mushroom truffle vinaigrette.
Soak in the elegance and elevate your expectations with these fine dining French experiences. You know you are never far from quality with our luxury New York condos. Embrace the allure of Upper East Side by considering 40 East End as your next home.

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