Elle Decor

November 1, 2018

Elle Decor: 60 Seconds With Deborah Berke

In her latest interview, Deborah Berke sits down with Elle Decor to discuss her newest project 40 East End.

What Does Luxury mean?

DB: Comfort.


How about in three words?

DB: Comfort with panache. (Not like guys wearing socks and rubber slide sandals. That’s gross.)


You’re the design architect of 40 East End Avenue. Is the competition with Robert A.M. Stern’s new building down the street something you take personally?

DB: Not at all. I live in the neighborhood, so I’m not worried about competition as much as making sure that my neighbors still speak to me after it’s completed.


Do you think New York City has enough luxury residential developments, or not enough?

DB: The word luxury is often inaccurately used. New York City has plenty of overpriced real estate, if that’s what you mean.


No comment. You designed the interiors at 432 Park Avenue. Are you pleased with how the building came out?

DB: I am, and I know that there is some pushback from New Yorkers who doesn’t like these super-tall buildings. I like them. For those who don’t, they should vote for different members of the city council.


What floor would you live on?

DB: I wouldn’t want to live in that building, because I prefer living on Manhattan’s perimeter, next to the water.


Does being the dean of the Yale School of Architecture get you more high-profile commissions?

DB: So far no, but I hope it will. [Laughs]