January 8, 2019

What is Museum Mile?

In just a few short blocks along Fifth Avenue near many Upper East Side condos and 40 East End, there is an endless source of cultural brilliance.
Museum Mile is home to breathtaking and rewarding sights and sounds, pulled from centuries of artistic accomplishment.
From the architectural ambitions of the astonishing Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art, there’s a wealth of artistic experience spanning much of the history of local and global art.
The Museum Mile is a major artistic center of the world. It runs along Fifth Avenue, from 82nd to 105th St. Along it are nearly half a dozen riveting New York City museums that draw in many thousands of visitors daily from nearby luxury New York condos and other neighborhood.
All the museums are contained within mere blocks near the east side condos of 40 East End and other top luxury condominium complexes, allowing the opportunity to visit several in one day.
The concept of the Museum Mile was popularized in the 1970s in an effort to promote traffic to the area during the economic slowdown. The area even received a formal designation from the city, recognized as Museum Mile in official documentation.
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Museums Along the Mile Stretch

Every museum here has its own specific identity. The Goethe House is a celebration of German fine art. The Museum of the City of New York caters to the history of the city, including the burst of immigration that shaped it, the vast whirlwind of art and industrialism, and its global influence on architecture.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art may be NYC’s most treasured collection and certainly one of the most famous – over two million works of art in photography, painting, stencils, sculpture, 3D and virtually any other medium you can think of.
Other area museums include the Jewish Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design and the National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts .
The stretch is home to a fine collection of art representing the melting pot of cultural influences contributing to the world of New York City art and history.
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The Museum Mile Festival

Every summer, a number of participating museums along Museum Mile join in the Museum Mile Festival. For a single day, entrance to all museums in the program is free.
Museum Mile blossoms in spectacular fashion for one full day of museum exploration. Visitors pop from one to the other, taking in the magic of the art right outside the many top-tier luxury New York condos.
The event began in 1978 and was an astounding success. It quickly turned into an annual Upper East Side staple.
The Museum Mile was first introduced to spurn new traffic to the attractions and luxury New York condos of the Upper East Side. The idea was to expose NYC art to all – and it worked splendidly.
If you choose a new luxury condominium at 40 East End as your home, you can visit a distinct collection of some of the most inspiring and varied art in the world at your pleasure.
Between the architectural fascinations of the Guggenheim to the opulence and rarity of what can often be seen at the Frick Collection, Museum Mile is a must-visit destination for many types of art enthusiasts.

Upcoming MoMA Events

The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, is the Upper East Side’s prized achievement in art and culture. A lot has been said about the astonishing and revered collection and what makes it so important, but what about the events? MoMA is more than a collection-it is a cultural hub of social interaction and celebration.
From film screenings to talks, MoMA plays host to some rather insightful cultural events near the luxury Upper East Side condos of 40 East End.
There’s an event about every day within a few miles of many Manhattan condos. It is a cultural haven of everything that makes the city so inspiring.
Many MoMA events focus on inclusion and accessibility in all aspects of art. Below are some fantastic upcoming events we recommend.

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“Open Art” Series

The Open Art series is a perfect encapsulation of the ideal of open-ended creativity and community. The free drop-in program is for LBGTQ teens and their allies. Students can make their art, their way. The series runs through January and February.

“Create Ability” Series: Brushstrokes and Paints

The Create Ability series stresses that anyone can make art. The event is February 24th, with one session at 11 a.m. and another at 2 p.m. The workshop is for individuals with learning or developmental disabilities, and is a great way to engage with art in an open and welcoming space.
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Showing of The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos stunned you with The Lobster and appalled you with the abrasively dark The Killing of a Sacred Deer. His next absurdist masterpiece follows the emotionally isolated world of 18th century England with a few awkward elites. While war ensues, conceited socialites admire their latest pineapple crop and race esteemed ducks, all while navigating family politics.
The January 8th showing at 7 p.m. is followed by a discussion with lead actress Rachel Weisz. There are many other film showings throughout the season and only a few blocks from the neighboring luxury Upper East Side condos, including 40 East End.

Disappearing Acts

Bruce Nauman wants to do everything but make art instantly accessible. It goes against the typical approach to art, even in New York City. He celebrates the challenge of art. Art shouldn’t be warm and cozy, and he prioritizes these ideas with his delicate watercolors speckled with bright neon signs, flashing lights, imposing sound set-ups, and a chameleon-like sense of shape and pattern-shifting.
Every image is different- challenging, provocative, and even hidden. His Disappearing Acts exhibit is a must-see. It is expected to continue through to February. You are bound to see a little something different from every visit so a brief return trip from one of the luxury Manhattan condos is recommended to capture all the exhibit nuances.
You can also visit Starry Night at the larger 1880’s to 1950’s collection. Overall, it’s a more palatable complement to the wild and wicked works of Bruce Nauman.
Memberships are available for those who call one of the nearby Manhattan condos at 40 East End their home. Don’t miss these upcoming Museum of Modern Art events.

Upcoming Frick Collection Events and Exhibitions

The Frick Collection is an extraordinary art museum and is found at 1 East 70th Street, along Museum Mile, near many top luxury Upper East Side Condos. It is situated in a mansion built by famed industrialist Henry Clay Frick between 1913 and 1914.

Residents of 40 East End in the Upper East Side can enjoy prime access to this unique gallery, just minutes away. The Frick Collection is home to 16 permanent galleries as well as a number of rotating exhibitions and events.

These galleries provide a unique presentation of artwork from multiple periods and from various parts of the world. The museum also features an ongoing selection of events and programs for participants living in nearby Upper East Side condos and from other neighborhoods.

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The Frick Collection center several exciting programs that focus on anything from art training, to education, lectures, art courses and much more.

Apart from the art displays, other programs include concerts, lecture and talks, symposia, and library programs. Others include art training, courses and conversations, students’ programs, visitation events to schools and groups, and drawing programs.
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Rotating exhibitions give the Frick Collection something unique no matter when you choose to visit, making it a premier choice for residents of nearby Upper East Side condos who appreciate art.

Current exhibitions include Luigi Valadier (1726-1785): Splendor in Eighteen-Century Rome, showcasing some of Valadier’s extraordinary works in bronze and silver among 60 other works. This exhibition will run up to January 20, 2019.

Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R. Knafel Collection features 75 works of art that represent the finest in French faience (fine tin-glazed pottery) in private hands. At the time when the faience was produced it was an incredible feat of technical achievement and incorporated influences from Asia and Italy.


For eighty years, the Frick Collection has been organizing concerts on a regular basis. You can access the listings from 1938 to date. The museum plays host to some of the world’s most critically acclaimed musicians. Members of the Frick Collection receive discounts on concert events.

•On January 20, 2019, Trio Karenine (piano trio) will be playing at the Frick Collection from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
•On February 3, 2019, see the Calefax – Wind Quintet.
•On February 24th, 2019 see the New York City debut of the Quatuor Voce with Emmanuel Ceysson (harp), regarded as one of the most fascinating young string quartets.
•On March 10, 2019 see Ensemble Caprice who brings innovation into its baroque repertoire and has toured Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S.

More details on events, classes and concerts can be found on the Frick Collection website at: https://www.frick.org/

With a vast selection of permanent and rotating art exhibits covering centuries past, a wide array of performances and ongoing events and classes, every interest is undeniably catered to.

The Frick Collection is the place to be this season and any other time. Those who have the benefit of living at the Upper East Side condos of 40 East End get unrivaled access to this famed art museum and its many events throughout the year just blocks away.

Top Three Upper East Side French Restaurants

The Upper East Side has faced a grand reinvention in the past few years. The transition has been nothing short of exhilarating. New, bold innovators in cuisine and appealingly cozy cafes have sprouted up.
There’s also a sense of welcoming elegance. Few can do this better than the French.
In this bustling mini-world of possibilities, some of the best French chefs have crafted their own concoctions for your fine dining pleasure. Our luxury New York condos sit near a wide selection of top-tier French restaurants. We have hand-selected just three to get you started.

Cafe D’Alsace

Cafe D’Alsace wears that romantic French energy on its sleeve and specializes in exclusive Alsatian cuisine. Wander from nearby Luxury Manhattan condominiums 40 East End and indulge in the classy décor, fine desserts or enticing brunch selections.
This corner jewel is a testament to the real French influence in Upper East Side. The pewter glows under the dim and warm lighting while antique seltzer bottles line the upper perimeter of the dining room.
A weekend brunch, lunch and dinner menu are available with enticing selections such breakfast sweets (crepes, waffles, pastries), fresh salads, a variety of omelette and egg dishes, grilled locally sourced seafood, Choucrote Garnie (assorted sausages), Duck Duo A L’Orange (roasted duck breast, duck confit, fingerling potatoes, seasonal vegetables).
These are just a few selections from the vast menu. Select a cocktail to match the nearest brightly-colored tile. The room glows with an intoxicating energy, and visitors can’t get enough. Reservations are recommended.

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Appreciate classic New York living on the front patio of the Pitchounette81, just a short distance from luxury Manhattan condominiums. Indulge in a fine French experience with an $8 glass of wine for Happy Hour or order excitedly off the full cocktail bar.
The menu is locally-sourced. You can find plenty of selections that embrace the wonders of authentic French cuisine as well as the astonishing range of influences pulled from NYC.
Begin your meal with a delectable upside-down cheese soufflé with tomato basil coulis or embrace fine dining with the Escargots De Bourgogne in herb garlic butter.
The restaurant also has some dazzling organic selections. The organic salmon with basmati rice and aioli is a welcoming addition, while the organic lamb tagine with zucchini za’ater spice is delicately coated Moroccan couscous.
Professionals from the Luxury Manhattan condominiums flock to this upscale and exceptional French eatery.

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Jean Claude 2

Jean Claude 2 is an extension of the long-standing original in Soho. Now, residents of Upper East Side condos are fortunate enough to have one of the most dazzling yet accessible French dining experiences in the city.
You don’t need to head far from your luxury New York condos at 40 East End to visit the Jean Claude 2. Expect a warm and welcoming presence, trading off stuffy upscale dining with a more enthralling and accommodating atmosphere.
Consider this your low-key French dining experience, all with an ambitious wine selection, tuna sandwiches, soups and salads, and seared Atlantic salmon. Get a taste of the grilled Portobello mushrooms and zucchini goat cheese sandwich or taste the nuance of the roasted organic chicken with herb vegetable risotto and wild mushroom truffle vinaigrette.
Soak in the elegance and elevate your expectations with these fine dining French experiences. You know you are never far from quality with our luxury New York condos. Embrace the allure of Upper East Side by considering 40 East End as your next home.

The Frick Collection

New York City is home to some of the most impressive art collections in the world. Each one has its own identity and significance, from the accomplishments of Neue Galerie to the many mesmerizing floors of the Guggenheim, there’s plenty to fall in love with.
It’s all right in the heart of the Upper East Side, conveniently just a short distance away from many luxury New York City condominiums, including 40 East End.
The Frick Collection is perhaps the most audacious of them all. From top to bottom, the Frick Collection has a unified theme of masterworks from some of the most innovative, provocative and ungoverned elite artists ever.

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Henry Frick

As the name suggestions, the original collection was compiled by none other than industrialist Henry Frick, who was once the chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company.
Once Frick began amassing his collection, he began to collect art from esteemed masters of the craft. His collection was divided amongst his properties.
He willed his collection as a public museum upon his death in 1919. While it took years, this finally manifested in 1935.
Many of the highest-profile pieces were moved from Pittsburgh to the primary collection in New York City.

What Can You Find in the Frick Collection?

The permanent Frick Collection has a strong 18th-century European theme along with plentiful works from other centuries and regions.
The collection celebrates European excess in design, and features mesmerizing works from the elites like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Renoir.
While some of the numerous galleries have remained permanent mainstays, several are rotated out annually. The museum hosts many lectures and talks throughout the year, and classical musical concerts are regular staples of the event line-up.
Museum attendance is free on the first Friday of the month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s open to both nearby residents of East Side condos and those visiting from elsewhere.
You can find galleries featuring ceramics, furniture, sculptures, medals, life-sized paintings, rugs, textiles, gold clocks and even century-old papers.

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The Collection

The collection consists of 19 different rooms or galleries. Highlights include oriental rugs, Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s masterpiece The Progress of Love and some truly astounding French furniture that elevate the ideals of excess and luxury.
Some of the most well-known and captivating pieces housed in the collection are Canova’s George Washington, a sculpture of George Washington in Roman garb by Antonio Canova, as well as a series of thirteen life-size paintings that depict figures from the Old Testament. The rotating exhibit hall gives you a new reason to visit from the nearby East Side condos multiple times over the year.
Pieces from the Venetian renaissance, Rembrandt’s Abraham Entertaining the Angels, and Joseph Mallord William Turner’s seafaring epics have all graced the floors of the Frick.
The Frick Collection is located at 1 East 70th Street, right outside many luxury East Side condos. It sits along the iconic Museum Mile, a mile-long stretch that houses some of New York City’s most impressive museum collections.

About the Museum Mile Festival

New York City is filled to the brim with art in many mediums. There’s a dense history of visual art and architecture. No matter where you turn, there is innovation and creation.
It’s a world of people who have been doing amazing things for many years, and you can experience as much of it as possible along Museum Mile when you live in one of the Upper East Side condos at 40 East End.
In particular, one annual event each June is a must-see for any who are lucky enough to be in the area. Join in the thrilling journey of the Museum Mile Festival.

What is the Museum Mile Festival?

The Museum Mile is actually an official term. New York City has designated the area of iconic Fifth Avenue, from 82nd to 105th St. with the spectacular name due to the overwhelming number of highly-trafficked museums.
There are multiple museums on almost every block of this section of Fifth Avenue. Visitors naturally go from one to the other, which helped lead into the Museum Mile Festival.
On a special day, usually in June, visitors can flock to all participating museums on Museum Mile for free for a short period of time.
One after the other, all museums entrances are free to any visitor who wants to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Museum Mile. Whether you are visiting from afar or staying at one of the nearby luxury New York City condominiums, a visit is always worthwhile.

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When Did it Begin and Why?

During the financial crisis of the 1970’s, New York city museum curators sought to draw traffic to the region and to promote the arts. They collectively agreed to open the doors to everyone, bringing down the curtain of museum culture.
It drew an astounding audience, from Harlem to the Village, the outer-boroughs to the whole of the northeast U.S. The Museum Mile Festival became a major event for Upper East Side.
Although with its regular fans, the event draws many to Upper East Side for the very first time. Even with no previous knowledge of NYC art, visitors leave with a rich understanding of it and the city’s culture.

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Which Museums are Participating?

Visit any of the many participating NYC museums right from nearby Upper East Side condos. Roughly 6-9 different museums participate annually, all within a few blocks of each other. Museums which often participate include the Jewish Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim, and the Museum of the City of New York.
Perhaps the biggest inclusion to the Museum Mile Festival is the grand Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s over two million works of art across 17 different departments and a multitude of mediums.
It’s a vast collection, and one that can provide a truly life-changing perspective on New York City art. This stop alone could be worth the trip to Upper East Side, but it’s the other participating museums that take it well over the edge.
Now, not far from our Upper East Side condos at 40 East End, you can experience the artistic range of New York City all in one pivotal strip of Fifth Avenue.

October 22, 2018

The Guggenheim and Luxury New York

Our luxury New York City condominiums at 40 East End are synonymous with the art scene in Manhattan. Located on the borough’s Upper East Side, where era-spanning fine art reigns supreme, our residences neighbor some of the most renowned museums in the world.

One of these is The Guggenheim, famous for its Manet, Gaugin, Kandinsky, and many works of abstract art. The Guggenheim began as a private collection and turned into a public museum in the mid-1990s. It was originally known as The Museum of Non-Objective Art, an ode to its founder’s love for the shapes, colors, and forms that come together on the canvas, creating abstract paintings.

Today, the institution is an essential part of the New York lifestyle, attracting art lovers from Upper East Side condominiums, downtown high-rises, and the surrounding boroughs.

luxury New York City condominiums

Just a stone’s throw from our luxury Manhattan condos, the Guggenheim is the perfect weekend treat. Here’s what to see and do and even eat at the Guggenheim:


The Guggenheim’s permanent collection is home to a large selection of modernist masterpieces.

This collection is the centerpiece of Upper East Side art, with influences from 20th century Europe and Russia. Many of the works in this collection were selected by Solomon R. Guggenheim himself, the museum’s founder and namesake. The founding collection includes about 600 works that were gifted to the museum by the owner.

Other exhibits include the works of the entire collection of a New York art dealer, a display of post-war abstract art, and the Bohen Foundation Gift, which features about 275 film, photo, and other new media works.

The Guggenheim also has rotating exhibits that are definitely worth checking out

luxury New York City condominiums

Keeping up with the Joneses, the Guggenheim now has its very own app. From here, you can plug into self-guided audio tours and other regular programming.


While the art might be the meat of the Guggenheim, there are plenty of side attractions to go with it. This institution evades its role as museum, and into its role as education center, cinema, theater.

Go to a concert, see a live orchestra, and or view a film screening – all at the Guggenheim, less than 10 blocks from our Upper East Side condominium. On the weekend, The Guggenheim offers Saturday sketch classes for both adults and children.


The Guggenheim’s restaurants are so good, you’ll want to visit this museum just for the food.

Café 3 serves light lunches and snacks just big enough to tide you over until dinner. Grab a cappuccino and a pastry, or enjoy one of the many fresh sandwiches and salads they offer. If you’re keen to sit down, dine at The Wright, a weekend-only all-American brunch spot that will satisfy your craving for breakfast – just a little later in the day.

Our luxury New York City condominiums at 40 East End are perfect for both seasoned museum-goers and those new to the arts. Art and culture are one of the main draws to Upper East Side condominiums, where you can be at eye-level with some of the world’ finest paintings in no time flat.

To learn more about our luxury Manhattan condos and the lifestyle they come with, send us an email at hello@40eastend.com. To take a look at our luxury New York City condominiums website 40eastend.com

Visiting the Museum of the City of New York in the Upper East Side

Museum Mile along Fifth Avenue is located near 40 East End’s luxury New York East side condos and is home to some of the most impressive and important museums in the world, including the Museum of the City of New York.
With its grand holiday parties, and explorations of what’s happening right now through the lens of the past, the Museum of the City of New York unabashedly celebrates all that makes NYC culture and art so essential.

New York at its Core Exhibition

The museum is, for the most part, an ode to New York City culture. This is defined with the New York at its Core permanent exhibition, which was opened in November of 2016 and took 5 years of planning and $10 million.
This portion of the museum collects photographs, statues, art, memorabilia, handwritten notes, and so much more, to create a captivating and extensive history of New York City.
It begins with the small Dutch village that started it all and continues with the mass arrival of influential residents from many countries who each contributed to the bustling metropolis NYC is today. The exhibition showcases artifacts and images to create a pictorial celebration of virtually everything that made NYC the “Capital of the World” in the last 200 years.
Many art and history enthusiasts living in East Side condos have visited the exhibition for its unique exploration of innovation and capturing of the human energy that defined how NYC became a city unlike anything else. A third of the space of the 8,000 foot exhibition is dedicated to the future of NYC.

East Side condos

Temporary Exhibitions

The Museum of the City of New York near our luxury New York condos has the consistent theme of allowing us to view the present through the past, and this is clearly reflected in the Rebel Women showcase. For the remainder of 2018, the hall takes true stories of female New York City rebels and supports to the argument that they were the real leaders.
19th century New York was one of the first destinations in which women made major strides against gender oppression. Though the war against repression was being fought in many regions, New York City was home to a brilliant and grand female uprising decades before the rest of the world. Female activists would speak in public, hold meetings, wear non-Victorian and racy clothing, and invest. The hall features garments, photographs, and audio recordings to bring these stories to life.
This temporary exhibit is complemented by the Stanley Kubrick Photographic Lens showcase as well as the Germ City exhibition hall until April 2019. Germ City looks at the crossroads between microbes and people in the world’s busiest metropolis.

East Side condos

Aside from these temporary exhibits, you can always find some inspiring museum additions, including a suit worn at George Washington’s Inaugural Ball, manuscripts from Eugene O’Neill, and over 400 glass negatives from the master documentarian, Jacob Riis.
The museum was founded in 1923 and features about 190,000 different objects on average. Adults are $18, seniors and students are $12, and under 19 is free. It is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
This collection comprehensively covers science, fashion, history, and art from New York City. This museum near 40 East End’s luxury New York condos is where these worlds collide in perfection, all through the empowering and poignant lens of New York City.

The Charm of the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side has long been known for its distinct classiness and for being a top residential destination for NYC’s wealthy and elite. Although many think of the neighborhood’s old money image and quiet, conservative charm when the name is mentioned, there is much more to it than that.
It’s where residents enjoy long-running casual to fine dining culinary establishments that rival the best in other boroughs and the thriving art culture of Museum Mile.
A trendy youth-driven renaissance is also occurring in the eastern side of the neighborhood where the Upper East Side condominiums at 40 East End are located. There is a lot to explore and love in this famous urban expanse.

A Calmer and Quieter Vibe

Although First and Second Avenue are often bustling with activity due to the large concentration of restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and sports bars, there is a calmer, quieter and more reserved vibe along many of the tree lined residential streets, providing some much-needed relief from the bustle.
The luxury Manhattan condos in the neighborhood offer the balance of being within a close destination of some of Manhattan’s most coveted attractions, from the Guggenheim to Central Park, while also offering access to well-maintained clean sidewalks, lovely historic architecture and manicured greenery.
This calmer ambiance offers a desirable residential destination for young professionals, influencers, artists, entrepreneurs and others who seeking something a little different from the typical fast paced New York lifestyle.

A Mix of New and Old Culinary Establishments

There’s something unique about entering one of the long-running restaurants that have helped to shape the Upper East Side into what it is today – such as the Heidelberg Restaurant or Schaller & Weber in Yorkville.

Upper East Side condominiums

This pair of restaurants still stand as a distinct representation of the German influence on Yorkville and are one of the top places to enjoy authentic cuisine from the country including bratwurst, house-made pates, pretzels, mustards, cold cuts and more.
Newer destinations such as Boqueria Spanish Tapas Bar provide modern European flair, offering Catalan cuisine made with seasonal local ingredients and the creativity of passionate chefs like Marc Vidal.
Here is where you can capture the vibrant energy of a Spanish tapas bar with perfectly made small plates covering Pintxo de Carne (steak skewers, hazelnut romesco, salse verde) to homemade chorizo, Colorado lamb meatballs and rotating happy hour specials.
This of course is just a small sampling of the impressive variety of old-school and newer culinary establishments that can be found right outside the door of Upper East Side condominiums.

Classic Art, A Fascinating Cuisine Culture and More

Outside of the nearly endless foodie exploration to be had on the Upper East Side, Museum Mile is home to some of the most sought-after art destinations in the city, including the MoMA, Guggenheim, Otto H. Kahn House, the Jewish Museum and more.
Many other lesser known art establishments are just minutes from 40 East End’s Upper East Side condominiums. See why so many people from all walks of life have decided on making 40 East End their new home on the Upper East Side and Contact Us today for more details on condominium availability.

Visiting the Jewish Museum in the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side condos at 40 East End come with many exclusive benefits, including convenient access to the inspirational museums of Museum Mile, especially the Jewish Museum.
Since 1947, the Jewish Museum has stood as a proud representation of Jewish ancestry with a grandness and extensive set of exhibits that can’t be found elsewhere.
Located near our luxury Manhattan condos on the Upper East Side, this museum is the quintessential destination for anyone seeking to learn more about Jewish history and see a wide variety of exclusive exhibits and artifacts.
Spanning four millennia, a vast multitude of artistic disciplines, and authenticated stories from generation-defining leaders, the museum is arguably the most definitive collection of Jewish history in the world.

What Can You Find in the Museum?

The Jewish Museum collects a wide assortment of artifacts and other items. The bulk of the collection features fine art from Jewish masters dating back centuries. Broadcasted media, ceremonial objects, informative videos, photographs, manuscripts, kitchenware, books, and more capture a long history of the Jewish people.
The museum doesn’t hold back in how far back it will go to cover Jewish art culture. It captures historic documents dating back to the earliest recorded histories of Judaism, and up to the present-day status of Jewish culture in New York City. The vast extent of the collection makes it an ideal stop for those living in Upper East Side condos as well as travelers from other boroughs.

Upper East Side condos

Item Highlights

Some highlights include work by Andy Warhol and Amedeo Modigliani. You can find special and hand-selected collections of Jewish masters discovering, refining, and defining their oeuvre.
The curators make sure to represent Jewish culture from various countries and time periods. For example, the Archaeology Zone looks at the world over 5,000 years ago, and how the earliest documentation helped shape playgrounds, palaces, and cities of history. The Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich exhibit takes a focused look at Russian avant-garde masters in the early 20th century. The specificity of the exhibit is one of the museum’s defining traits.
The Scenes from the Collection exhibit is the current main showcase, and it is expected to continue for years to come. The entire third floor encompasses about 600 works, from classic antiquities to modern works of art. It represents the parallels between Judaism 4,000 years ago and how it is represented today. Visitors can reshape their own perspective and receive a broad look at the spirituality, both changed and unchanged, across the millennia.

Upper East Side condos

Some rooms will change annually, but the core of the floor will remain the same celebration of Jewish history and art.
The official website for the museum states a collection spanning 4,000 years and over 30,000 items. About 4,000 of these items can be reviewed on the museum website.
The museum is located at 1109 5th Ave & E 92nd St, just a few minutes from our luxury Manhattan condos. The cost is $18 for adults and $12 for seniors. Children 18 and under are free.
No place in the city, and perhaps the world, more definitely spans the entire spectrum of the cultural influence of the Jewish people with such a careful eye. Visit the Jewish Museum for one of the most vibrant and awe-inspiring concentrations of art collections that can be found near 40 East End’s Upper East Side condos.